GST Registration

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GST Registration Online

GST Registration known as Goods and Services Tax was initiated by the Prime Minister of India in an attempt to manage prices throughout the country and separate all state or central Government by imposed indirect taxes on goods and services by initiating GST Registration in India.

New GST Registration is required for those businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakhs) is mandatory to take their GST Registration Online as a normal taxable person. This process is called the GST Registration.

Apart from above the other turnover classification, there are clear cases where new GST registration is required for individuals or business organization who is engaging themselves in the supply of goods or services across the state to obtain GST Registration Online. Everyone can Apply for Online GST Registration either as a normal taxpayer or under GST Composition Scheme.

What is Goods and Service Tax?

As we glare to the name, the name itself shows that the GST will be helpful on both the goods and services following a dual system of GST keeping the work of both the Central and the State Government separately. The GST Council is headed by the Union Finance Minister and will also include various State Finance Ministers.

Online GST Registration

Our Team can help you to obtain your New GST Registration Number via Government GST Portal. Although GST Portal is very user-friendly but still if you have to need the professionals to help to fill up your application forms and submission of the documents on the Government GST Portal as there are a lot of the complex subject in the GST Forms like select the right jurisdiction area or range & many more other things. So we always suggest helping from to get done your GST Registration Online

GST Registration Number

Basically GST Registration Number is 15 Digit unique alpha-numeric identification numbers which are allotted to each applicant. It’s totally based on the Pan Number and State code of the Applicant. First, the two-digit number represents the state code and another 10 digits represent the Pan number of the applicant, and one digit represents the business entity code( Like proprietorship firm or partnership Firm, etc), one digit is blank and the last one represents check digit.

GST Registration

Documents Required for GST Registration

Aadhaar Card (Proprietor / Partner / Director)

PAN Card (Proprietor / Partnership Firm / Company)

Electricity Bill / GAS Bill / Telephone Bill / Sell Deed

Rent Agreement (If Office is Rented)

Proprietor Photo

Bank Statement / Cancelled Cheque

Partnership Deed (If Partnership Firm)

1 Director DSC (If Company)

Detail Required For GST Registration

Firm name / Company name

Proprietor name / All Partner name / All Director name

Firm / Company address with pin code

Email id (If company then all director email id)

Mobile number (If company then all director Mobile No)

Top 5 products / Top 5 services name

CIN Number (If Company)

Registration No (If Company)

When GST Registration Number is required or Mandatory?

  • If you want to sell your goods and services within state and also have expected turnover more than 40 lakh rupees in a per annum.
  • If you want to sell your goods and services across the state and even have a turnover less than 40 lakh rupees in a per annum.
  • If you are engaging in an online e-commerce business or any service which is based on online business then its mandatory to get the GST Registration online.
  • If you are dealing as trader, manufacturer or you are suppliers then registered under the GSTIN already then they charge the GST on your purchase & if you need the input credit or refund then you have to need the GSTIN Number.
  • Ecommerce Operators and Aggregators and are required to have the GSTIN Number from the starting weather their turn over is zero.

What is a GST Registration Procedure in India?

Applying new GST Registration process is as easy as a piece of cake. We help you to get your GST Registration online and obtain the GSTIN. Apart from this, we will also guide you about the GST compliances and regulation that are implanted under GST Registration.

  • For getting GST Registration without any hassle contact
  • Our GST Experts provides free consultancy if you have any query’s regarding this.
  • After receiving the documents from you we will prepare your document for submission.
  • After the documents preparation we will fill up your application on the GST Portal on the behalf of you.
  • After registering your GST Number we will send you GST registration Certificate to you.
  • Congratulations! Your GST Registration is completed.

Benefits of GST Registration in India

Here are some of the advantages of GST Registration that will clear your mind on the benefits of registering under GST.

1. Benefits for Registered Businesses

  • To Avail Input Tax Credit
  • To Interstate sales without restriction

2. Benefits For Composition dealer

  • Imposed Limited compliances
  • Less Tax liability
  • High working capital

3. A business that voluntarily choose GST Registration in India

  • Avail Input Tax Credit
  • Inter-state supply without restriction
  • Easy Registration on e-commerce websites
  • Competitive Advantages compared to other businesses

4. Apart from the other benefits here are also given some of the other benefits of GST Registration

  • Eliminates the cascading effect of the tax
  • Higher threshold limit for registration
  • Simple and easy online procedure
  • Facility of Composition Scheme
  • Simple and easy online procedure
  • Less number of compliances

Penalty for Non-Compliances under GST Registration in India

Under the GST Act there are strict laws for the non- compliance of the act. If there is any detain or delay in the payment or non- payment of the taxes accrued, then the wrongdoer will be responsible to lose the pocket and pay a large penalty on it. Such fine will be 10% of the due tax or Rs 10,000 whichever is higher.

However, if the wrongdoer has consciously avoided the amount of taxes under the law the penalty amount will be 100% of the due tax.

What are GST Returns files and how is to be filed under GST Registration Act in India?

The Registered taxpayer has liability with various compliances. One of the most necessary compliances that are under the GST Act is to file GST returns on a timely basis. GST returns are filed with the receipts and documents relating to the sales, purchases, tax collected and ITC, etc. After filing all the relevant information tax liability is computed and paid off. Kindly read our full article on GST Returns and GST compliances and Due dates to file GST Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can any person other than the supplier or recipient be liable to pay tax under GST?
Yes, the central and the state government specify some categories of services the tax on which will be paid by electronic e-commerce operators.
What is the advantages which will accrue to the country from GST?
GST would be a very important step in the field of indirect tax reform in India. A large number of central and states taxes into a single tax and allowing a set of prior stage taxes, which make a common national market.
Are all goods and services taxable under GST?
All Supplies of goods and services are liable to pay tax under GST except alcoholic liquor for human consumption.
How do I check my GST registration?
For check your GST Registration status follows these 3 easy steps: Step 1: Go to GST Portal Step 2: Enter your ARN Number and fill up the provided CAPTCHA and submit. Step 3: Now your GST status will show on the portal.
How do I register under GST?
To obtain GST Number, you required having a valid mobile number; an email address rent agreement, electricity bill and PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the business. And after collecting all the required documents you need to go the official GST portal and submit your application.